Why Using Campaign Templates is a Good Idea

Using Google Ads Campaign Templates just Makes Sense

Create advertising campaigns on Google Ads is super easy. Google has their own automated solution to create campaign. It’s super simple to use:

  • You put in your website
  • Choose your goal
  • Add a few headlines and image

And configure a few other settings and you’ll be off to the races. This simplified user interface is great but it doesn’t afford you much control and customization to fully tap into the power of Google’s advertising platform.

With all these loose controls, most people that go through this process end up wasting a bunch of money and not able to make heads or tails of what they spent their money on.

What is a Google Ads Campaign Template?

You’re probably already familiar with website templates. You can purchase a template for a professional portfolio, a template for ecommerce site, a simple blogging site, etc. There are entire startups and businesses built on this.

A Google Ads campaign template can be treated exactly the same as a website template.
If you’re startup you may want to purchase campaign templates that fit different goals you want reach at an early stage in your journey.

We have templates that help you:

  • validate a business idea
  • drive waitlist signups
  • test messaging
  • and more

The Camera Analogy

I love cameras and camera gear. To be honest, creating my “studio” was mainly just an excuse to justify me buying a bunch of camera gear that I enjoy and love to own.

I’m by no means a “professional” when it comes to photography and filming.

The average consumer will probably do very well with a “point and shoot” camera or even their smartphone. It’s a simple and easy to use. Great way to just go out there and start shooting and learning the craft.

But let’s say you want a particular shot or look and feel of a photographer for filmmaker you admire. You want your next set of photos to look like theirs but you can’t quite afford their services.

Imagine how much easier it is if they come in, set up the lights, the camera settings, framing etc all for you. All you have to do now is click the shutter button to capture the moment.

Purchasing campaign templates is basically the same thing.

The campaigns templates are basically ready to launch once you customize them a bit.

Automate your advertising now

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