Wouldn't you rather run your business instead of running ads?

Don’t waste time creating ads and setting up campaigns manually – SwiftAds does it all automatically for you!

  1. Just tell us about your business and audience
  2. We’ll create ads and campaigns for you automatically
  3. Activate your campaigns

How SwiftAds Works

AI Copywriting

SwiftAds uses AI to quickly generate headlines and ad descriptions based on how you describe your business and its features and benefits.

24/7 Reporting

Get direct access to easy-to-understand reporting with actionable insights. Never worry about figuring out what to do next.

ML Optimizations

Leverage advance machine learning to analyze the signals that boost the performance of your ads. Take action and implement changes that will make a material difference to improve your ads.

Monitoring and Guidance

Leverage our machine learning platform to monitor your ads. We provide reporting included and simple, easy optimizations.

Save time and headache. Never have to worry about your ads again.


The Yearly Plan

It’s the same AI monitoring, reporting, and optimizing but in a much more affordable deal.

Get two months free, basically.

Billing is one fewer thing for you to worry about on top of your ads.


Create Ads Automatically

We’ll create two sets of text and display ads. You have the option of downloading and posting the ads yourself, or we can do it for you. Ads are set up in as little as 48 hours.

Focus on growing your business and let us create the ads for you.


Get Started

Let us create the ads for you

Free up more of your time and attention so you can build and grow your business by telling us about your business and audience.

  1. Fill out this sign-up form
  2. Then complete our ad creation questionnaire
  3. Pay the setup fee and we’ll work with you to deliver your ads in as little as 48 hrs

Start building your business, not ads