Leveraging AI to Create Advertising Campaigns

How do AI-Generated Campaigns Work?

You’ve probably heard about artificial intelligence (AI) writing entire scripts to videos or entire blog posts.

The AI takes prompts and then extrapolates the most probable outcomes based on text it has learned from spanning a large part of the Internet. The outcome is not perfect, but it reads exactly like natural language written by a human.

Here are three reasons why AI-generated ads work better than ads written by a human: It takes less time to create ads using AI instead of writing oneAI-generated ads are more efficientLess likely to offend customers than human-generated ads(Yes, this part of the blog was generated by an AI.)

  1. It takes less time to create ads using AI instead of writing one
  2. AI-generated ads are more efficient
  3. Less likely to offend customers than human-generated ads

(Yes, this part of the blog was generated by an AI.)

Speed Kills (... your Competition)

When time to market often determines winners and losers

For many advertisers starting out, especially startups, it’s important to test hypotheses quickly to find the right answer or right combination of answers to build and scale. You may want to test different features, ways to communicate said features, or what combination of audience, message, and features is most profitable.

Imagine how much quicker you’ll be able to move when the campaigns are all set up for you, the ads are generated automatically, and all you have to do is turn the ads on.

You can push tests into the market and pivot at anytime without technical and creative hurdles slowing you down.

Humans Need Not Apply

Faster, Cheaper, and Better?

Copywriting is an art form.

Just as with every other skill in the arts, good copywriting comes with practice, experience, and talent.

Everyone knows what bad copywriting is but they often can’t produce a good piece of copy. When you do find someone who is good at it, you’re probably not going to afford their services.

That’s where SwiftAds comes in. Ads written by AI is way more efficient not because of the time savings but how much more you can create and test when compared to the price.

Robots have no Emotions... and that’s good

Avoid PR disasters by using AI

Ever sent a text message and the receiver misread the connotation or misunderstand the meaning of the message?

Now imagine sending that something like that out to a million people.

Unless you’re a professional copywriter or have hired a professional copywriter, it’s probably safer and faster to just AI to generate the copy for your ad campaigns. There have been so many cases of people creating ads and campaigns with the best intentions and then completely fall flat because of a PR disaster.

Take the emotions out of it. Especially in the early stages when you don’t have a full understanding of what resonates with your audience.

Automate your advertising now

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