Entrepreneurship is Lonely

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Twitter has been an amazing platform for me the past two months. I’ve met so many amazing founders and made a few dozen close friends along the way. We support one another, solve each other’s problems, and celebrate each other’s wins.

Our weekly chats and checkins with each other have been so helpful and, frankly, therapeutic.

Be part of an amazing community

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Wednesdays are topical discussions surrounding the startup life and Fridays are open mic weekly recaps.

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Join Our Biweekly Twitter Spaces

The Founders Forum

Every Wednesday 2 pm EST

Discuss a variety of topics with other founders relating to the startup life.
Listen or chime in. Zero judgement. Super inclusive and support.

Startup Support Founders Open Mic

Every Friday 2 pm EST

Take the open mic and recap your week.
Talk about your product
Seek help with any of your problems
Celebrate any progress with other founders

Example: https://twitter.com/bkh_leung