Tools Maketh Man

You’re going to have a bad time managing Google Ads at scale if you do everything manually.

That’s why we created SwiftAds. Throughout my over decade experience directly managing campaigns with ad spend ranging from $500/month to over $1MM/month, I’ve seen so many people struggle with improving their efficiency.

If you can’t afford an ad agency or freelancer or you just want to learn more about Google Ads through doing things by yourself, here is a list of tools I use regularly to improve the results of my campaigns while making things efficient and profitable.

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Links don’t work yet but I’ll update them and add to this list as time goes by.

Google Ads Editor

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This is hands down the first thing you should download when you’re managing Google Ads.

As with everything to do with Google Ads, it has a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a huge time saver and you can do some pretty powerful things with it.

Next step up from this is learning Google Scripts so Editor isn’t that bad in comparison.

Excel/Google Sheets

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Some people prefer one over the other, I actually use both on a daily basis. There are way more powerful and intuitive ways you can use Excel over Sheets.

But the convenience and integration of Sheets and Google Ads makes it pretty irreplaceable.


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Okay, first of all, this “review” is skewed. I’m on a grandfather plan where I pay one fee to get access to all the connectors.

I would probably give this 3 stars if I were to evaluate this tool with its current pricing scheme.

This tool allows you to pull and aggregate data from many different sources. Been using this for close a decade.

Google Analytics

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Not sure what I use more to be honest: GA or Supermetrics.

They’re really neck and neck in terms usage.

It all depends on “where” my work plane is. I’ll use Supermetrics if I’m in Google Sheets already but I’ll go ahead and use GA if I’m anywhere else.

Supermetrics wins out instantly when doing in-depth or complex analysis.

Unbounce/Google Optimize

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Landing page testing is super important when it comes to the success of your advertising programs.

These are two of the best and easiest to use.

Honourable mention: Instapage.

Google Tag Manager

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Super important if you want to track everything properly.

Not immediately intuitive but you’ll get the hang of it. I’m currently writing a how-to guide on setting up Analytics and Tracking so keep your eyes out for that.