Just Starting Out?

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Pretty much fill-in-the-blank type of templates for every type of campaign you might want to run early on in your entrepreneurship journey.

We created templates for you to:

  • validate a business idea
  • test different sets of features
  • match messaging with the right audience
  • drive waitlist signups

Why Should I use Campaign Templates?

The athlete analogy

I played badminton growing up. In any sports you participate in, you’re often in a group lesson setting as you’re starting out. In these settings, you’re receiving very generic advice that’s applicable to everyone in the class. Then, as you grow and develop your skills in the sport, you will eventually get more specialized or catered advice specific to you.

Campaign templates are an effective way to get started because most people that start out advertising need campaigns structure in very similar ways. You can get very far; collecting extremely useful data with templated campaigns.

Then, you may consider upgrading to a customized campaign.

Campaign Templates

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