The Studio Gear List

I recently posted on my twitter account a video that I created as an intro to my profile.

Then the floodgates opened. I got so many people asking me about the gear I used and the video settings, etc.

Lucky for you, I’m a huge nerd and love geeking out about camera gear and electronic gadgets. 

So, here’s my list to start off with a simple studio setup.

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People will forgive a poorly lit video and potato quality video feed but very few people would watch a video if the audio quality isn’t there.

If you had only enough resources to invest in one thing for your studio, you should invest in a good microphone.

Low Budget

The best way to improve audio is to treat your room. Record the audio in a closet with clothing to help dampen any reverb, or put up some carpet, heavy curtain, or blanket to make your recording space more soundproof is the cheapest way to improve the audio quality.

Rode Video Mic

This is a great mic for the price. At around $70, you get a nice setup with your smartphone and strong directional audio capture. Be sure to record in a treated space because the mic is strong enough to pick up background noises.

Got Some Spare Change

Rode PodMic

This should be my favourite mic at the sub $100 price point.

But needs an audio interface because it is an XLR mic.

This little guy costs $99.

Shure MV7 USB Mic

Probably the industry standard for audio quality and ease of use.

Sets you back about $250.

Rode Podcaster Pro USB

I have this exact setup. Really useful and love it. Cost about $300 all in.

If Money were no Object

Rode RODEcaster Pro

Amazing audio interface. Got some nice features to do some simple broadcasting functions.

This one retails for about $600.

Rode Podcaster Pro XLR

This is the exact same microphone as the USB version but the connection is XLR. Pairing this with the interface above… *chef’s kiss 👨🏼‍🍳👌🏼

Costs $220.


This is probably the next piece of equipment that can improve the production value. 

Setting up a simple three point system could be good way to improve the video content you put out.

Starting off with...

Neewer LED Light Panels

Okay, these lights aren’t very strong. They’re only useful if the subject and camera isn’t too far from the light source.

These are about $50.


Neewer RGB LED Light Panels

These are the bigger brothers to the other cheaper LED panels.

These are about $310.

Godox SL60W

I got these mid March 2022 and absolutely love them!

I put up a price alert and got them used for several hundred bucks cheaper.

These REALLY ups the production value and I look amazing (well, not me specifically… the picture looks amazing) on video.

Normal price about $400.


Probably the least consequential of the equipment. 

Most interesting to geek out on but definitely focus on audio and lighting first.

Beginner Friendly

Start with your cell phone camera. The video quality from most modern smartphones can be very good already.

Used Cameras

Go on your local classified listings website(s) and look for used or older versions of these cameras:

  • GoPros
  • Logitech 4k webcams
  • Sony X100 series cameras
  • Canon M100

My Setup

Sony Alpha 7C

Amazing “hybrid” camera.

Body only cost $1,800.

Sony 35 mm 1.4 G Master

35 mm is one of my favourite focal lengths and being at 1.4 gives me that buttery smooth bokeh.

Good glass is expensive. This one is $1,400.

What I want to Upgrade to

Sony Alpha 7 IV

An actual hybrid camera.

Fresh newly released camera.

Retails for $2,500.

Sony Alpha 7S III

You’d be forgiven if you couldn’t tell the difference between the two cameras. They look very similar.

This one is probably the top pro-sumer video camera on the market right now.

Just a cool $4,700.

Memory Cards

There’s a lot of technical information that you should know about SD cards. But just know that V90 is faster than V60 and you should, at a bare minimum, get a V60 card if you’re recording at 4k 30.

Please do some research on YouTube to figure out which SD card is compatible with your camera and recording settings.

These are the two SD cards that I use on a daily basis.

Prograde 128GB V60 SD Card

Amazing value for a V60 card. V60 should be good enough if you’re shooting at 4k 30 like me.

Priced at $60.

Sony Tough 128GB V60 SD Card

Sony’s branded version of the same card as the Prograde but slightly “tougher”. I’m clumsy so I use this as my main card.

Priced at $70.